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It was a sunny day, a bad day

A mother-of-all-news day

I felt sad, I felt bad

And maybe just a tad

Bitter and disappointed

Well actually a lot

Nothing else can be said

Except life goes on

So I just… went to bed

*a poem about someone else's experience

The colours in my washing machine

I have colours in my washing machine

Spinning round and round and round

I thought it would be okay to mix them up

But confusion and disorientation is what I found

The red has leaked and seeped into the blue

Turning it into the colour of a bruise

And the white once bright has now greyed

Into a cold miserable winters day

I can’t seem to find the summer yellow

Oh wait, hang on, there it is, hi, hello!

But it’s quickly replaced by a mushy brown

A colour beaten and battered, making me frown

The washing machine spins a hundred miles an hour

I can’t keep up, it’s exhausting all the power

I don’t know what to do; I don’t know how to make it stop

At this rate, I will need more than a bucket and a mop

To wipe up the water that is sure to spill out

And drown the inhabitants of this house

Well at least I got a bloody poem out of it

Sticky black strands wrapped around my waist

Snaking up my back, shoulders, neck, face

Don’t get too happy, I’m still here

I’ll never leave you


Head stuffy, nose fluey

Muscles aching, bones shrinking




Condensing, compacting

My eyes retracting

Into their sockets

Tight throat

Hard to swallow

I want to be angry

I want to want to curl up in my bed and sleep the day away

But I’m a body in a coffin

Buried alive

With the weight of the earth compressing the air out of the space

The air is being compressed out of the coffin

In the coffin the air is being pressed

Leaving nothing but an asphyxiating blackness,

The vile after taste of a sick sense of humour,

A tiny, tiny heartbeat, somewhere, barely there

And just out of reach

The relief of death


To stay or to go


The moment you need to make a decision but each option pulls you from either side and with equal force and you think okay I’m going to blindly pick one and you do and for a moment there is clarity until the opposing side taps you on your shoulder and reminds you of all the reasons why it is there.

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